Nintendo has confirmed which Tokyo Mirage Sessions??Further ed, the product of the cross-over between the Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem franchise companies, is being handled through Atlus. Game Informer reached in the market to Nintendo of America to understand more about its localization plans for your game, and was met with this answer:

Tokyo Mirage Sessions ?FE has been localized by Atlus in a fashion that is consistent with the localization perform they do on games they publish. That it was a priority to ensure the recreation feels familiar and also appeals to longtime Atlus lovers. Any changes meant to the in-game content were due to varying needs and regulations within the many different territories Developers distributes its goods.

Judging from that affirmation, Nintendo is taking a great deal of care to make sure Seattle Mirage Sessions??FE is as faithfully localized as is possible, especially considering the customers. Nintendo’s own localization methods have been under critique lately by some supporters, so this news might be especially interesting in their mind.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions??FE will certainly launch on Wii U in United states on June 24.