ARK: Survival Evolved Has a Raid Boss Now

The Early Access open-world, tactical game ARK: Survival Changed is no stranger to consistent and interesting written content updates. The latest of these updates include Direbears plus a giant manta ray. Starting with the top, ARK is getting a new structures in the most up-to-date update: Chemistry Furniture and a Primitive Cannon. These may grant several aptly useful firepower since this newest update additionally marks the release involving ARK’s very first Superior Arena, wherein avid gamers will face the giant spider Broodmother in her house turf. Of course, person Tribes can even chances by bringing dinosaurs using them. It’s just that style of game.

Those who thought ARK suffered a serious keep shortage will be very happy to know that Direbears (Arctodus Dirus) have joined up with the game’s frightening wildlife. They’re territorial, although otherwise ignore individuals who don’t pose some sort of threat. They are powerful foes but make great mounts when tamed. Meanwhile, the?Manta Mobula is a giant, water-hopping manta ray that typically keeps to itself. They are not the fastest ocean creatures, but found solid offensive power. Players also need not craft any specific gear to drive them.

Check out the spot light video for this newest update below. ARK: Survival Evolved is currently usable on Xbox One particular, via Microsoft’s Online game Preview, and Heavy steam Early Access.