We all knew it would happen eventually because older video game games consoles eventually don’t sell as well as they once did, especially with a newer generation on the market.?The Xbox 360 flipped 10 last November, making it Microsoft’s greatest running console up to now, but it’s time for the platform to hang way up its gloves.

Microsoft reported through a news publishing on their official Console website that they will be stopping production of the Xbox.

“Xbox 360 means much to everyone in Microsoft. And while we’ve got an amazing run, the actual realities of manufacturing a product over a decade old are starting to sneak up on us. Which is why we have now made the decision to stop making new Xbox 360 video games consoles. We will continue to offer existing inventory associated with Xbox 360 consoles, with availability varying based on country.”

It’s sad to discover such a phenomenal system?go as it helped establish?various standards we come to assume with our current tools, but alas, manufacturing ten year old hardware?can only get you thus far.