Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force Release Date

Join Fang in the branching JRPG Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force, when considering out in English come early july. Advent Dark Force’s story starts before the events of the game in the ancient battle relating to the Goddess and the Vile Lord. While not the most imaginatively named entities, both the forces fought the other into imprisonment in addition to left behind powerful, captivating weapons known as Furies. People that wield Furies can called Fencers and needless to say, the game’s story starts when main figure Fang pulls a sword from a stone as well as becomes a Fencer himself. Ever since the world is a vicious place, with or without gods, Fencers have a tendency to battle each other to gather more Furies. Fortunately, certainly not everything is depressing, because Fang will find Fencers who will be a part of him and with each other they can set off on the journey to either release the Goddess or the Revolting God. The game features weapon customization, dungeon creating to order, battle parties as much as six characters, along with three story pathways to play through.

Get noisy with Advent Darker Force’s Opening Video below. Fairy Fencer F: Advancement Dark Force is headed to The united states on July Twenty-six, and Europe upon July 29, for PlayStation 4.