As mentioned in our EGX Rezzed sneak peek, Dreadbit’s upcoming actions game Seraph looks like it could be one of the year’s ideal hidden gems, thanks to an exceptional combat system making heavy use of auto-aiming motion, procedurally generated levels, and acrobatic evasion and movement. Of course, such a fast-paced system advantages of feedback provided by many other gamers, which is is why the game will be creating its Steam Early Access debut in the near future on April 26.

Yes, those of you hungry intended for adrenaline-filled angelic action should be able to get your hands on Seraph sooner than envisioned. Dreadbit will also be releasing recommendations for streamers a day beginning as well, no doubt to help showcase the game’s modifier-fille “Twitch mode.” For anybody curious about the PS4 edition as well, you’ll need to wait a little longer, becasue it is expected to launch afterwards in 2016. Hopefully, it will all lead to a standard game that can however deliver the same “wow” component that it oozed when we very first checked it out.