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Ubisoft Massive has released that players suffering from some of The Division’s most detrimental bugs will be reimbursed in-game.

The developer confirmed that via its newest State of the Game Twitch Stream. Those that were affected by your game-breaking backpack bug, or glitch on Xbox live One where participants actually lost their own character, will receive 600 Phoenix Credits in addition to ten of each high-end crafting material. In addition, every person who logged within this weekend will be paid out 150 Phoenix ‘tokens’ for the game’s absent Daily Missions, which often didn’t update all weekend long. The particular compensation will be distributed among players within the next two weeks.

This is actually very generous of Ubisoft. Phoenix, arizona Credits are very valuable and can be used to purchase some of the best products in the game. You can also purchase high-end construction plans and use the high-end making materials to create tools. Luckily, none of those issues should be a challenge anymore. Ubisoft Massive offers since cleaned up just about every issue.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is out currently on PS4, Xbox Just one, and PC. Ubisoft Massive just recently launched Update 1.1, which in turn added Incursions (The Division’azines version of a Raid) along with a host of improvements as well as fixes.

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