Gravity and orbits are tough things, so why not go ahead and take kind of advanced bodily computations necessary to plan an arc around some sort of planet and place an arcade FPS around it?? Gravity Wolf popped up about Greenlight today with many procedurally-generated solar systems connected with mini-planets ripe for blasting through, taking out the missile-launching podiums sticking high above the planetary surface while searching for upgrades among the debris.? Planning a course isn’t quite as complicated as it appears to be, seeing as you can transition from a gravity-induced orbit to gliding in a straight series at the touch of a mouse button, but it should still be a fun learning necessities to navigate a semi-bullet-hell FPS without a flooring for reference.? Gravity Wolf will be at PAX East this week, so check back later intended for hands-on impressions.? In the meantime, head over to its Greenlight page as well as perhaps give a helpful elect of encouragement.