Beyond: Two Souls, this interactive action-adventure drama via Heavy Rain builder Quantic Dream, has finally had its established soundtrack released on apple itunes.

Composer Lorne Balfe, who worked on Ubisoft Montreal’s Assassin’s Creed III, took over progress on Beyond: 2 Souls’ soundtrack following the death involving Heavy Rain musician Normand Corbeil.

Produced by acclaimed Artist composer Hans Zimmer (Creation and Interstellar), Balfe’s Beyond: A couple Souls OST is made up of sixteen songs and it’s priced at $9.99 (8.98) on iTunes.

Tracks can be bought individually, too, with each song costing $1.28 (0.99).

Lakeshore Records, which in turn helped produce soundtracks with regard to films like Required, Zodiac and Tropic Mastery, is responsible for bringing the Beyond: Two Souls OST to itunes.

A new video for that Beyond: Two Coffee drinkers OST has been introduced via Lakeshore Records’ YouTube channel (posted below), showcasing 30-second previews for eleven tunes from the Balfe-composed soundtrack.

This isn’t the new that the Beyond: A pair of Souls OST has been given available, as Samsung and Quantic Dream released a Beyond: A couple Souls Extended Soundtrack within the PlayStation Store with 2013.

First announced at Sony’s 2012 E3 mass media conference, Beyond: A couple Souls stars Juno professional Ellen Page and Spider-Man professional Willem Dafoe in the leading jobs.

David Cage, founder and studio head on Quantic Dream, has already eliminated that a sequel for you to Beyond: Two Souls is on the playing cards.

Not only has Cage were adament that changing Beyond: Two Souls would likely “compromise [its] sincerity,” although he believes which the title is “probably the lowest amount of influenced story We have written in my vocation.”

While initially released just as one exclusive for Xbox in 2013, Quantic Aspiration revealed at E3 2015 that will Beyond: Two People would be coming to Nintendo wii 4.

The Heavy Water and Beyond: 2 Souls Collection was released on PS4 in The usa and Europe recently.

Hardcore Gamer’s 2013 review with regard to Beyond: Two Souls suggested that “Carefully retaining a balance between their social context as well as supernatural elements, the experience refuses to give in standard video game tropes and remains a mature and considerate story throughout. It really is poignant, thrilling or even a bit frightening sometimes.”