A live-action Pokmon film might be en route, and there are apparently three companies putting in a bid hard to get the rights.

According to Hollywood Media reporter, a top-secret auction with the film rights for the?Pokmon franchise is currently going ahead with Legendary Pics, Warner Bros., and Sony all vying for the privileges. The ultimate goal would be to create a live-action film and carry the beloved personas to the silver screen. Warner Bros. could have helped bring the particular cartoon films for the silver screen, but reviews suggest a different clients are beating them available.

It appears that Legendary Pictures has emerged as the potential victor, however one thing could be standing in the way of a deal. Famous is owned by the?China real estate and purchase conglomerate Wanda, and The Pokmon Firm is Japanese. A the Hollywood Reporter highlights, there have been plenty of politics tension boiling over between the two countries. It had been only recently that a Chinese ban on Japanese films has been recently broken. Obviously, this could all be normal water under the bridge in the grand scheme of things. Renowned Pictures recently partnered with?Toho (another Western company) to release Godzilla with 2014 in partnership with Warner Bros.

This is all rumours for now until Renowned, Sony, Warner Bros., or The Pokmon Company make an announcement. For the present time though,?Pokmon fans can certainly continuing enjoying the operation on their Wii You and 3DS equipment. Pokkn Tournament just presented on Wii Ough with?Pokmon Sun along with Moon launching upon 3DS this winter holiday.