The Saints Row string has been on sale by using Steam before, however if you’re new to this series or have simply just missed out on prior revenue, here’s a chance to get caught up thanks to a team sale.

  • Saints Row 2 – $3.39
  • Saints Row the Third – $5.09
  • Saints Strip The Third: The Full Package – $6.79
  • Saints Row IV – $5.09
  • Saints Line IV: Game of the Century Edition – $6.79
  • Saints Row: Gat Outside of Hell – $5.09
  • Saints Row Greatest Franchise Pack – $28.97

If you’re also a newcomer, then the Franchise’s Pack is the best value. If you’re looking to have PC backup copies for your 360 variety to play anywhere which has a laptop, it’s fashionable great deal. If you can simply get one game, grab The Full Package pertaining to Saints Row the next. It’s the best over-all entry in the collection, and one of the best open-world online games of the last ten years.