The map for Crimson Dead Redemption 2 has reportedly published via NeoGaf user Mideon, whom says they got your map from a great undisclosed source.

Mideon was obviously asked to take the fastened photo down, that she immediately did, although other threads possess since posted it back up, and the road directions have made their means around the internet, as seen below:

Red Dead map leak
If you’ll notice, the bottom quit corner of the guide shows the Great Plains. This area was in the most notable right of the Red-colored Dead Redemption map, so it would seem the second game will require place just To the north East from where Bob Marston played out his bloody tale. The chart also has caravan camps dispersed around, which means you will see a lot more activity on the globe. This suggests a prequel, seeing that Red Dead’s design focussed on how the previous West was perishing.

This map is convincing and could indeed become the map for a Crimson Dead 2. We’ll just have to wait to see.