Though previously teased for being included in the fighting online game, Mira made her come out during a PAX East 2016 livestream. Mira is the twin sister associated with Maya who sacrificed herself to save She but was in the future revived. Mira’s persona design is based on?a vampiress which is quite the compare to that of the woman’s warrior sister.

Mira is seen using a variety of smooth and strategic problems. She sinks the woman’s fangs into?opponents, reduces them to bits, and also uses bat minions to get a bloody good time. Mira can even dash in mid-air, teleport at the rear of enemies, and treat some of her health. This combatants seen in the video are no match on her behalf vicious attacks, not just her own sister remains safe. She should be accessible to use later this particular month.

Watch Mira show off her moves in the movie trailer below. Also, examine our review for Killer Instinct Season 3 to learn more about some of the other characters in addition to gameplay to expect.