Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty 2016s meant title has been leaked, and will apparently possibly be called Call of Duty: Limitless Warfare.

Neogaf user JumPeRJumPzZ discovered something very interesting on the PlayStation Store these days. Under “Trending” are a lot of games that are developing soon, but also an issue that hasn’t been uncovered yet. Call of Duty: Unlimited Warfare has most surely not been released yet. However, the idea doesn’t look like The new sony uploaded any pictures or details towards the page. Sony has since removed any kind of mention of Call of Duty: Unlimited Warfare.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare PS Store Leak

This is the 2nd Call of Duty 2016 leak these days, the first coming from John Sterling who got his / her hands on apparent ads. Those materials suggest that Activision and Infinity Ward tend to be prepping a uncover for sometime around May 3. It’azines possible that Sony received the upcoming supplies, and accidentally gone live with a part of it. Another rumor points too Call of Duty 2016/Infinite Warfare is going to take place in the way future and feature sci-fi elements. Obviously we should consider this as a gossip until either Activision as well as Infinity Ward makes an headline.