With the last of Grand Finals concluding today we ultimately have all the organizations competing in this year’azines Mid Season Invitational. The teams that gained their respective places tournament can participate.

Here’s the startup: All games will likely be played on spot 6.8 and also Aurelion Sol will presumably always be active–he wasn’t over the LCK tournament?and they enjoyed on 6.6. Group Stage is actually double round robin the boy wonder meaning teams plays each other twice.?On the six teams rivalling four will make against each other of the group level and into the match. Once there it will be single elimination in a better of five series and Bracket Stage will certainly award a higher seed to a team based on that team’s place at Worlds a year ago.

Here are the six groups competing and their location:

  • SK Telecom T1 – LCK/South Korea
  • G2 Esports – EU LCS/Europe
  • Flash Wolves – LMS/ Taiwan
  • Royal Never Give Up – LPL/China
  • Counter Reasoning Gaming – NA LCS/North America
  • SuperMassive eSports – IWCI/ Turkey

MSI is being locked in Shanghai, China, so for individuals matches start the same as the times they started off for LPL; which was all-around 11/12 at night. If that doesn’to work out for you fits will always be uploaded to Youtube here and you can watch them each time works best for you. Class stage starts Could 4 and will run everyday until Might 8. After that your semifinals start May Thirteen and May 14 plus the Final will be kept May 15. Here’azines the complete schedule underneath with the times throughout PDT.

May 4th 2016 – Day One

RNG versus. CLG – 11:00 PM

G2 compared to. FW – 12:00 AM

SKT T1 vs. SUP – 1:00 AM

CLG compared to. FW – 2:00 AM

G2 compared to. SKT T1 – 3:00 AM

SUP or. RNG – 4:00 AM

May 6th 2016 – Day Two

CLG vs. G2 – Twelve:30 PM

SKT T1 vs. RNG – 11:30 PM

FW vs. SUP – 12:30 AM

RNG vs. G2 – 1:30 AM

SUP vs. CLG – Only two:30 AM

SKT T1 vs. FW – Three:30 AM

May 6th – Morning Three

FW vs. RNG 10:40 PM

CLG vs. SKT T1 11:25 PM

SUP vs. G2 12:35 AM

FW vs. SKT T1 1:30 AM

CLG vs. SUP 2:35 AM

G2 vs. RNG 3:Thirty AM

May 7th – Day Four

G2 as opposed to. SUP 10:30 PM

RNG compared to. FW 11:30 PM

SKT T1 versus. CLG 12:30 AM

FW versus. G2 1:30 AM

CLG vs. RNG 2:30 AM

SUP versus. SKT T1 3:30 AM

May Ninth – Day Five

RNG vs. SUP 8-10:30 PM

FW vs. CLG Being unfaithful:30 PM

SKT T1 vs. G2 15:30 PM

SUP vs. FW 11:30 PM

G2 vs. CLG 12:30 AM

RNG vs. SKT T1 One:30 AM

Bracket Stage – Playoffs

Semifinal A single – 10:30 PM – May 13th 2016 – Friday

Semifinal 2 – 10:30 Pm – May 14th 2016 – Saturday

Finals – Ten:30 PM – Might 15th 2016 – Sunday