Having a tough, badass protagonist is often the standard when it comes to games. And that’s fine, because as gamers that’ersus what we expect. Whether or not it’s Solid Lizard, Commander Shepard or Geralt regarding Rivia, having a badass protagonist has and will always be a staple within the industry. Guaranteed, having those types of personas can get a bit exhausting and sometimes, even clichd, but there have incorporate some characters in the last 5yrs that have had much more personality. With that in mind, let’azines take a look at the five the majority of badass characters from The year of 2010 to 2015. Also, you will find spoilers ahead.

John Marston

Seriously, how can anyone not like Ruben Marston? He’s everything you would like in a main persona. Taking influence through the old spaghetti westerns of mid-1960s, Marston’s personality has been half of what created Red Dead Redemption so great. For those unaware of Red Dead Redemption (and you really shouldn’to be), the story focuses on John Marston, while he must take out his or her old gang to conserve his family. Though there are a lot of great moments, it’s your ending that makes the sport and John Marston so memorable. After some major turn of events, Marston ends up in a shootout in between him and the Oughout.S government. And also unfortunately for your pet, things don’t end nicely. For the ending alone, the game is a must perform.


Smart, witty, comfortable and resourceful; to get a 14 year old girl living in the post-apocalyptic world, nothing seems unrealistic. When Ellie has been around since The Last of Us, your woman was anything but damsel with distress; she seemed to be strong and had a chance to take care of herself if need be. And unlike additional NPCs, Ellie would generally lend a hand when taking out enemies. But there was clearly more to Betty. The interactions among her an Fran were unlike anything that was seen in a movie game. The one landscape that comes to mind that features her personality occurs when she picks up the actual nude magazine. In spite of all that had gone on up to that point, Betty still managed to have a very smile on her experience.

Lee Everett

Like any Telltale game, making difficult judgements is part of the experience, but the decisions Lee needed to make in The Taking walks Dead: Season One seemed almost impossible. That’ohydrates what happens when you’re dealing with a zombie apocalypse. While some sort of convicted murderer, Lee also took on the role as the dad figure to Clementine, which often created a believable energetic between the two. Amongst a few of the major video game characters, Lee is one that may be always overlooked and he should get more credit ratings for some of his or her decisions alone.

Shovel Knight

Scoop Knight was brilliant and a throwback to when 8-bit graphics and chiptune songs ruled the world. Even his moves in addition to character design were being inspired by that era of gaming, in particular DuckTales and Mega Person. From his shovel jump to his or her blue armor, the type and the game itself was everything many of us wanted in a new retro sidescroller.

Francis York Morgan

Francis is the most unconventional on this number, but he’s still a complete badass; he’s unusual for sure, but badass even so. And not only that, their interactions between personas are highly entertaining. Now, Francis is far at a tough guy, nevertheless his unconventional discussion and his sense of humor is exactly what carries his general personality and Deadly Premonition’s story.