tales from the borderlands

Another video game is taking the pipelines connected with Hollywood and making its way to your silver screen. Video game films are becoming more and more popular as they have more creative reports and characters versus the rehash of characters we have seen on screen and TV along with the ever-drying drinking hole that is new ideas inside Hollywood. This time around Gearbox’s sci-fi, first-person player with the dice and role enjoying game hybrid, Borderlands, can be stepping up and is in talks of being a “tentpole” blockbuster for Lionsgate having Avi Arad, who has handled both the Iron Man and also Spider Man films, producing. But Lionsgate make an effort to take on the video recreation industry doesn’t halt with adaptations.

Lionsgate Enjoyment is making a wonderful leap from videos into game development as well as they are building ties with Peter Levin, former CEO along with co-founder of Nerdist Industries. “Levin can lead the company,” Lionsgate announced delayed last week. Levin will take for the role of President of Interactive Undertakings and Games and responsible for creating brand-new IPs along with constructing new content based upon previous Lionsgate franchises and types. “As the home regarding intellectual property like The Craving for food Games, Twilight as well as Divergent franchises and a varied portfolio of television set programming, Lionsgate’s the possiblility to extend its authority and innovation to the gaming space as well as other interactive platforms is limitless,” said Levin, who definitely are report to Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer and CFO Jimmy Barge regarding many digital investments before they head about the pipeline.

“Gaming has become one of the most explosive development areas of the content organization, and Peter’s require will be to build a stock portfolio of premium electronic digital properties as we expand our leadership inside films and television encoding into digital written content as well,” said Feltheimer. Lionsgate is more than confident relating to take on the game franchise’s and the live actions adaptation of rich Borderlands mythology. “The ‘Borderlands’ games don’capital t pull any your punches, and we’ll make movie with the same in-your-face mindset that has made your series a hit mega-franchis,” CO-Chairs of Lionsgate Rob Friedman along with Patrick Wachsberger said.

Not only is Lionsgate excited to have a new and broadly popular reoccurring operation under their belt since the Hunger game adapations are generally coming to a close this kind of November, but Borderlands designer Gearbox seems to be equally pleased about the the latest deal with the business. “Lionsgate really seems to get Borderlands.” Randy Pitchford, one of the five pioneers of Gearbox, released to a panel at PAX 2015 that he is also expecting the film land an R score due to the game’s extremely violent nature. There hasn’t been any stories on when a probable release date to the film will be scheduled nor has at this time there been any talks about who will direct the actual film.

Let’s simply just hope with Lionsgate crossing over to the video video game industry that they never start pumping away cheap games according to their past mega-hit franchise companies into our side of the pond stuffing it with license based trash. No one cares about the confidence any CEO of a motion picture company has in his new president connected with Interactive Ventures in addition to Games; just because a person slap a name on a guy will not make him an expert with creating high quality and above all fun games. It can safely be said that no one wants to see an actions RPG of the Evening franchise or an Frames per second of The Hunger Game titles.