There’s nothing quite like possessing physical goods, however they can be expensive in addition to shelf space comes at a premium. Every month, Hard core Gamer picks reduced collectible from our cavernous swag vaults as well as tells you whether it’s well worth a spot in your Collectors’ Cabinet.

Amnesia: Memories is quite the visual book. This otome-focused title centres around the life of the protagonist as the woman awakes one day devoid of the girl memories. With amnesia removing her ties to help reality, she must go forth and practical experience life with one of a few male suitors, potentially love them all over again. Regardless of some oddness, the game is definitely overall worthy of a considerable amount of praise and is the must-play by fans in the genre on Steam or PS Vita. Should you be already a fan, nevertheless, then hopefully you’re conscious of a special limited edition which Idea Factory Intercontinental crafted for Amnesia: Memories’ western introduction.

The limited edition actually also comes in two variations. The initial, known simply because Amnesia: Memories Limited Edition, includes everything you’ll see underneath along with a redeemable Steam key. As someone who already nabbed be sure you copy, I has not been in need of a $70 exclusive edition. Amazingly, Idea Manufacturer decided to also build the Amnesia: Memories Remnants of Love Keepsake Box alongside it. This edition is practically the same but does not include a Steam critical voucher (and is $30 less costly). It’s an odd distinction at first blush, although makes sense when you consider Vita supporters probably wouldn’t want to spend extra over a PC code. And so, enough about the slightly different editions, we should dig right in!


The Remnants of Love Keepsake Box is certainly gorgeous. The outside features that divine?discount art of Leg and has a nice charlie sheen to it. Once start, it’s quickly said this physical release had a lot of imagined put into it. In contrast to many special updates I’ve picked up in past times, this one ensures that the items is packed separately and sturdily between removable cardboard pieces. Wrapping like this ensures that absolutely no item gets wedged or maybe bent awkwardly though within the box. Nevertheless enough of discussing how nice the actual shell is, as what really matters here i will discuss the goodies loaded inside. Don’t worry, there is quite a bit to be excited about.

Included are some fairly envisioned items such as the artbook and soundtrack CD. However, some of the more unconventional additions include coasters plus a pillow case. Of all things, the artbook feels like the greatest let down. It’s pretty small at 7″ back button 5.5″ and doesn’t even feature that cheap-style hardback that some other game writers have utilized for their artbook bonuses. There are Fifty-two pages of discount art, character sprites, and so forth, but only the first few internet pages are even in colour. It seems that a lot was completed to keep the expenses down as much as possible with this piece. As for the soundtrack CD, it is more about par for the program with game pack-ins. The actual jewel case is serviceable but monitor listings are nowhere to be found. In any case, there’s about 70 units of songs to listen for.

Coasters are a collectible that we don’t think has appeared in a special prior to the Remnants of Love Memento Box. There are five in whole to ensure that Ikki, Kent, Lower leg, Toma and Ukyo all acquire chance at amassing moisture from the bottom of drinks. Professionally, they’re too adorable to ever get applied as coasters, but they’re the real thing with corkboard underneath the impression and everything. Lastly, there’s the pillow cover which is a bonus doing its way into much more Japanese titles’ North American emits these days. Even so, many of the pillowcases we get tend to be small to fit with a standard size wedge pillow. That’s not the case right here! Amnesia: Memories has a pillowcase that’s 47″ x 20″ which needs a long body pillow case. The 100% polyester deal with also happens to be ornamented with an adorable image of the guys playing inside a pool, so it’s worth buying a new cushion for.

All in all, Amnesia: Remembrances Remnants of Love Souvenir Box is a phenomenal accent the collection of otome fans out there. Although the artbook simply leaves a surprising lot to get desired, the production volume of items such as the cushion cover and (weirdly enough) coasters seem to far exceed that. Obviously, the box itself is attractive enough to display proudly on a bookshelf. Unless you yet own the overall game and wish to go many in, then it can be wise to nab the Limited Edition together with Steam code. Individuals who already own the action or simply want to service otome games in the west can conserve some bucks with the Remnants of Love Keepsake Box.