Upon revealing their not-so-modest revenue numbers, now-famed Polish designer of the critically commended action-RPG The Witcher 3: Outdoors Hunt, CD Projekt Red-colored came out with a nice open-letter to fans today. Wrote by Studio Mind Adam Badowski, the letter goes into some detail on what the feedback and reception of The Witcher 3 meant to the proficient people at Disc Projekt RED, and concludes on an expression connected with gratitude to all your fans of the collection out there who aided this once-small studio arrive at where it is now.

Enjoy the whole letter below. For much more on the The Witcher A few: Wild Hunt, look at our review of the game here.

Hey Gamers!

Time will fly! These month or two since launch approved faster than you may say potestaquisitor. We’ve been hard at work delivering you brand new content, fixing what exactly needed to be fixed, and also secretly plotting the way to rock this vessel we call the actual RPG genre more. We’ve just determined our shareholder conference where we introduced that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt family got a little bigger — we distributed over 6 million illegal copies of the game in six weeks since start. Worry not, I will not discuss any economic stuff here. I’d, however, like to supply you with some insight of what that means to us seeing that game creators.

One could think we have 6 000 0000 reasons to be happy which is it. We do, nevertheless that number is also a massive responsibility and I desire everyone to know we, as a studio, be aware that. For us, all your large praise, all the positive reviews, are also an obligation — we have made a really good game but there’s still a protracted road ahead of us. Everyone here in Disc PROJEKT RED is really attached to their work and how an individual, the gamers, perceive this. RED is full of designers, wild dreamers and people crazy about what they do (and sometimes simply crazy). We lose sleep over that specific color the sun possesses when it sets over Velen, and argue over arranging the furniture in a property the majority of gamers is likely to never see. We’re not the kind of people who are easily satisfied and we always strive for more. I’d like you to know that.

Yes, six million copies is a great good results for a company making Role playing games, but this business is not just about that. If your games are a collection of sound, photograph and text – you are the visitors of this collection. To an artist, there is no sweeter sight in comparison with people enjoying the work they do. That’s why, in the brand of all the devs in the business, I’d like to say thanks to each and every one of you.


Adam Badowski,
Head of Studio