Believe it or not, there’s a small group of people who enjoy, and even sometimes prefer, to play Japanese game titles on their Microsoft units. Yes, we are some sort of weird group — a niche market within a niche, if you will (and perhaps even a niche in just a niche within a area of interest), but nevertheless we can be found and become ripe along with joy any time the Xbox gets some Japanese games, specifically exclusive ones. Right now, you might be wondering the reason anyone in their appropriate mind would want to play Japanese, or Japanese-influenced, activities on a Microsoft podium when Sony in addition to Nintendo already have, all of which will continue to get, wonderful games from Asian developers. While I can’to speak for everyone — neither can I identify every one of the reasons why someone may want to play Japanese activities on a predominantly U . s . system — I can, nevertheless, speak for my unique preferences (and let it be known, My spouse and i still play the Vita, PS3 and PS4 for Japanese games at all times — in fact, I’m poring several hours into Nobunaga’s Desire: Sphere of Influence at this time.)

First off, my love of Japanese gaming about the Xbox brand starts back?to?the original Xbox 360 system. Sure, that big, hulking black box of an thing is remembered mostly for its western games: Halo, Jade Empire, Crimson Skies, Fable and the like; on the other hand, what many people don’t know is that, despite all of those first-person shooters and typical western efforts, the Xbox could hardcore Japanese gamers as something of a second birth to the Dreamcast. Due to Microsoft and Sega partnering up to release many exclusive games (many of which are classics and regarded the best of their type), the original Xbox would have been a powerhouse for obscure yet timeless titles such as Panzer Dragoon Orta, Jet Set Stereo Future, Shenmue II, Otogi, Sega GT 2002 and the number goes on.

As someone in whose favorite system in recent history is, in fact, the actual Dreamcast, one would not have to produce too much of a jump in logic to see exactly why someone like me could have fallen in love with which massive “X” shaped program. Of course, that love was only furthered deepened by the 3 years, when the technique played host to a number of cult preferred Japanese games (my partner and i.e. every shmup by CAVE, MOSS, Triangle Program, 5pb., and G.Rev, in addition to more Sega-centric games like Chromehounds, Phantasy Star Universe and Virtual-On Force). The idea became easy to use a sense of loyalty in order to Microsoft, if absolutely free else than for assisting give developers your house and chance to produce those games, whenever perhaps they may have not been made otherwise.

That raises today and the Console One. Yes, it’s well known the Xbox You are posting laughable amounts in Japan. We it. We also obtain that there are fanboys on the market that throw a new temper tantrum whenever they feel slighted by having a Japanese game relieve on a Microsoft process (just do a search for this month’s announcement of JRPG developer Experience Incorporated. working on two Console One exclusive games and read the comments part). Nevertheless, that doesn’t change the fact that — irrespective of Microsoft not assisting Eastern developers very well at all these days along with despite their not being aware of how to market his or her systems to any person but Americans — there are still Japanese exclusives coming down this pipeline for Console One.

So, this is item is meant to look at those games (note that we may have left out indie and Kickstarter-tier projects which have not yet come to fruition) waiting in the wings for Microsoft’s newest home console. This article has been divided into a couple of distinct sections for quick reading purposes: multiplatform titles and exclusives.

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