Destiny The Taken King

Editor’s note: this article contains spoilers for Success: The Taken King. Read at your personal risk

With the newly released expansion for Future being out for the little less than a 1 week, raging fans already are curious about the future of your sci-fi shooter. ?This specific enlargement brings about the world-ending risk that is Oryx who simply happens to be Crota’s big bad dad coming to get his revenge around the death of his or her son. ?The expansion also goes in depth concerning the war between Oryx along with Queen Mara Sov, whose brother, Prince Uldren, leads any squad of practitioners against the Hive. ?All of the practitioners on Uldren’s side tend to be wiped out by Oryx, a permanent hole is left within Saturn’s ring and the Awoken are usually pretty much endangered currently, which brings up the query — what’s next regarding Destiny??

First off, this ending of the Used King campaign doesn’t end with you harming Oryx, but him melting before you can deliver the polishing off blow, indicating your presence is much more able to the darkness. ?Eris Morn and also the Awoken are victims towards the power that Oryx holds and considering that the purpose of the game is to symbolize light of the Traveler’s power, it doesn’t help that he?says to you, “I is going to take your light,”?as anyone fight. ?Should a Destiny 2 emerge, the darkness would have acknowledged your efforts in the installment and become more inclined to terrorize you.

Eris Morn could create a return in future expansions, inside spirit, as well. ?Your ex fear of Oryx and the odd relationship that she has with the Soul Shard containing Crota’s soul is odd but Mara Sov’ohydrates remark about her importance after her death indicates the woman appearance in later expansions. ?Oryx sucked her life absent, including her light, and left the woman’s with the third vision that you always discover her with. ?She actually is the only one who survived the failed journey to kill Crota, although considering you were capable of kill him makes her that much more fascinating. ?Whether the next expansion will be a prequel showing Eris Morn’ersus life prior to her light being revoked isn’t certain, nevertheless expect to see her show up again later inside the series (and hey, maybe that next eye of hers implies something more since each Crota and Oryx have the same 3 rd eye).

The Cabal also engage in a generally important role in the expansion, specially considering that the distress beacon that they sent in Phobos was for the Cabal house world. ?The Guardian made a valiant effort to quit Oryx but the distress beacon was still meant for that you help the Cabal home planet — and you didn’t. ?And so, while Eris Morn might come back, in spirit, to the future expansions for Future, it would be wise to likewise expect the Cabal, especially after you ditched these people. ?It all comes down to if they see you as the Parent that went towards Oryx or the traitor that disregarded their cry with regard to help. ?