Screenshot Saturday has folded around like calendarwork and this means there’s some sort of pile of intriguing things to look at in the realm of game development.? A week sees the info-floodgates start, and games each big and small get their latest updates featured simply by whichever developers feel like sharing their development.? This feature picks 14 (plus a bonus) pictures to show off, based on how exciting or fun the actual shared image is definitely.? Subjective?? You bet!? For whatever reason the .gifs don’t auto-play, though, so for the most powerful effect click on the big, obvious Play arrows to determine things in motion.

Moonman- A new 2D side-scrolling free-roaming action Role-playing game, basically Terraria with a peculiar green visitor from the moon.? It came out up early this season with a successful Kickstarter as well as Greenlight, and now is trundling coupled under constant progress getting a bit more weird every day.

Voxterium: Revision- It describes alone as a “spherical shooter”, the place you move around the outside of the cluster that’s continually growing, shooting straight into its heart to obtain the nodes causing the growths.? There’s a trial at the web site, in order to see the shiny face-to-face.

Raging Justice-? Classic-style side-scrolling brawler.? This particular .gif tends to make me think of the video game Pit Killer, except nowhere close to as terrible looking.

Resonance Unlimited-? An iOS/Android game in relation to colors and doing a trace for lines on the screen towards the beat.? It looks perfectly hyperkinetic, which is always a bonus.

Mutant Sports League-? Seeing as EA isn’testosterone levels using the name much more, there’s no reason to not swap the word obtain around a bit and do a proper new version.? Yeah, that’s just about exactly what I’d think a sequel on the old Genesis game might look like on today’ohydrates hardware.

As the description says, this isn’t a casino game, but whatever it is it’ersus more than a bit hypnotic in motion.

Skein-? A Gauntlet-style action/RPG which simply just opened its Greenlight right now.? You need to save the soul of a discussing sheep, and can convert enemies into lambs.? Plus massive levels of monsters on screen at a time as you hack through procedurally-generated dungeons, but mostly it’utes about the sheep.

Dog Game.? Actually, I have no clue to what the main game is approximately other than dogs, yet look at that!? It’s a pet dog on a bike as well as that’s more than adequate for me.

The Legend of ChickenSword.? What i’m saying is duh, obviously.? What other online game could this possibly be?

Bit Up- Absolutely lovely-looking 2.5D side-scrolling action/exploration game.? The central conceit guiding the story is that the game’ersus developer dropped the item in 2006 and from now on its protagonist is hacking his method through the world in search of answers as to why.? So long as the action can match up the art, I’ll be at liberty.

RK3000-? Exactly what it looks like, you’re also a giant robot bringing through the city, just like a orangey-pink isometric-view Rampage.

Descendless- I’d love to say a little more about this game than the screen grab has available, however that’s pretty much all the knowledge that’s available aside from Descendless being a Vita/PC game.? The idea certainly looks nice, though.

Bonus pic-

Luna- Merely a beautiful storybook-styled nighttime picture to close out the day time.