Every week on Fri mornings, Destiny people around the world wake up in addition to go immediately online to see what Xur, this exotic salesman, should sell. Xur arrives upon Fridays and leaves on Wednesday nights, selling one particular exotic piece of equipment?per class, an exotic tool, and an exotic engram. He also sells telemetries for firearms and sparrows, but that’s not usually precisely what we’re there pertaining to. Each week Xur sells something different, and this week, this individual just so happens to be promoting the best and most rare gun in the game: Gjallarhorn.

Xur has sold Gjallarhorn once before, although that was back when Fate was still in it’azines infancy, and not many people knew the power that it exotic rocket launcher organised. Since then, gamers?experienced to get their Gjallarhorns the natural way by means of Nightfall strikes, raids, or simply if they’re?genuinely lucky, through a famous heavy engram. But now, for just 17 strange loose change, you can own it by merely holding down X/A for a few seconds. So why is that this ultra-rare gun being sold for pennies? I think I realize.

Some say that what Xur carries is purely random, of which Bungie has set their own algorithm loose and in addition they no longer have control, on the other hand disagree. Destiny’s following and biggest growth, The Taken Master, is coming in just a few weeks, and with it, Gjallarhorn will likely be nerfed, and the greatest firearm of all time will become the particular slightly-less-greatest weapon of all time. I do think the guys and women at Bungie decided to present players a little deal with, and let them have fun with Gjallarhorn for a couple of weeks previous to it gets it’utes downgrade. With The Consumed King, Bungie has also promised the largest installment of brand new weapons that will be combined with the game, and the biggest number of new exotics. Because of this Gjallarhorn may be overshadowed by some on the new exotics that grab the stage in October, and it will not be while desired as it is now.

So I think it’s an actual nice thing Bungie does, and I hope that anybody has a good time seen with their big, brand-new toy. Destiny: Your Taken King is released on September 15, and is shaping as much as be pretty enjoyable, so keep your eyes peeled in?Hardcore Gamer?leading up to its release.