During a Q&A screen this week, Nolan North developed a shocking statement which took the Internet by means of storm. He had somewhat confirmed that Freakish Dog was working on All of the Us 2, yet was his assert entirely true or possibly is Naughty Dog wanting to cover their monitors and plug upwards an unintentional outflow?

During the panel, North was asked if perhaps he had any approaching projects lined up using Naughty Dog besides the upcoming fourth sequel to the Uncharted business with Uncharted 5 to which North responded, “For now the last one, I understand they are doing The Last of Us all 2 but my own character in the last one kind of had a untimely demise.In .?Speaking during a panel at the Indy PopCon, Troy Chef, the voice acting professional for Joel with Naughty Dog’s All of the Us, has rejected knowing anything about an upcoming sequel inside works for the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic title. This specific statement comes contradicting connected with North’s that was made previously, but could this become an attempt to cover up North’s pet leak?

“I know almost nothing.” Baker claimed, “I don’t know if we’lso are gonna do yet another one or not, if we accomplish, then I trust Neil Druckmann, in addition to Bruce Straley, and everyone at Freakish Dog to tell a story that needs to be told.In Baker didn’t hang on a minute as he continued to guard the fact on why the story of Fergie and Ellie are most likely over after he / she was asked about the potential setting for any sequel. “You know, spoiler, whenever you are from the prologue and then loans and then cut to twenty years later, the thing is that a completely different person,” said Chef.

Baker’s comments on the possible setting for The Last individuals sequel setting could be taken in many different ways, one of which being that there is no follow up for The Last of Us and also the other being that Joel’s story is over. In the game, Fran has come full group and yes we were available an unsatisfactory cliff hanger but Mischievous Dog does not do just about anything without a purpose when telling they’re cautiously crafted stories. It may be possible that we see Ellie 20 years after Joel’s passing away at Tommy’s element, or we only pick up a character make stubble reviews about a girl which could have been the cure on the virus as we stick to a new survivor with this bleak version of the apocalypse.

If you were to read straight into both statements, you can see that Baker’s comments don’capital t necessarily disprove North’s statements. They are trying to plug a new leak before it gets to big to deal with or he could possibly simply have no knowledge of its existence however. North has been shelling out more time at Freakish Dog than Chef while working on Unknown 4, so they could have overheard or been told by a staff member about the project’s existence. Either way, a sequel will be most welcomed unique with new figures or old; accumulating on the lore plus the mythology of this beautifully designed world could not get it wrong.