If there’s one game that people have commanded over and over again to be remade, it’s Final Wonderland VII. In recent years, fans from the game have dreamed of getting a proper rebuilding, but neither Panasonic or Square Enix fulfilled the deed. Actually, there was only tease. During the Sony E3 August 2005 press conference, the game’s intro has been shown off but only as a tech demo. At PlayStation Encounter last December, The revealed that Final Imagination VII would indeed visit PlayStation 4. As being a port of the Laptop or computer version, that is. Indeed, the ultimate troll. Finally, on their E3 press conference this season, Sony got its at once straight and unveiled the Final Fantasy VII Rebuilding trailer. While the trailer home looks stunning, The new sony should not have launched it this year. Block and Sony may no doubt knock this particular remake out of the recreation area but with so many games on the back burner, it is a actual possibility that we might not exactly see this game for a long long time.


One major reason precisely why we won’t always be seeing this rebuilding for a long time is because of whom the director is actually. Tetsuya Nomura was once the director of the upcoming fitting Final Fantasy XV in addition to was even the main personality designer. That recreation still does not have a release date (perhaps Gamescom?). Last September, Nomura eventually left Final Fantasy XV to target the long anticipated title, Kingdom Hearts III. While brand new gameplay footage seemed to be revealed at E3 this season, there is currently no discharge date. And that’ersus just the tip on the iceberg.

A few days ago it was reported that Nomura him self didn’t even know he / she was directing one more Fantasy VII Remake. In a interview with Japan magazine, Famitsu, Nomura said “While pre production proceeded to go along and I offered my opinions of what I thought should be done, Mister. Kitase, would ask me personally how the individual elements should be adjusted with fine detail. It was really perplexing.”

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When Nomura saw that name as movie director in the credits there were definitely a state regarding confusion. “So I named up Mr. Kitase along with said, ‘It claims that I’m the representative for some reason.’ To which he / she replied, ‘Of course it will.’’ With Business Hearts 3 long in development with no release date coming soon, it seems unlikely which we’ll see the Remaining Fantasy VII Remake within the next two to three years. It is good to have the remake match with the original’s 20 th anniversary, but that are unrealistic at the moment.

It’ersus hard to say, however Sony may have one more Last Guardian on their hands. It would not be shocking to see this game pop up sporadically in major gaming events. At the same time, it’s probable that it may disappear for a long time with no news with development process. Using Nomura busy with yet another title that has been lengthy in development with no release date, the last Fantasy VII Remake should have been held intended for next year or the 12 months after.