The Senran Kagura series is growing perhaps larger soon. Thanks a lot in part to author XSEED Games, North American players will soon get their hands on the two Senran Kagura: Estival Versus (on PS4/Vita) in addition to Senran Kagura 2 on 3DS. Both titles tend to be shaping up well as our E3 preview provided, but you can’t discover everything about a video game just by playing the item. That’s why many of us took some time to talk with series director Kenichiro Takaki to chat, not just about Senran Kagura, but game playing in general.


[Hardcore Gamer] So, this can be a first time [Senran Kagura] is coming to any console after due to being on 3DS and Vita. What made you decide to carry that leap for this home console age group?

[Kenichiro Takaki (via translator)]Before Senran Kagura, I did before work on a lot of console titles. But, you probably know this, the consoles with Japan are getting smaller sized and smaller while handhelds are getting larger and larger. So, inevitably we chose handhelds, but I’ve usually had passion for unit devices. We were fortunate enough to make the Senran Kagura series and a lot of fans, not only in China, but overseas both in the US and The european countries, have made up the fanbase which allowed us revisit consoles for this title.

And another part is actually I just wanted to understand the cute girls on a big screen. (Everyone a joke)

You said that there’s a world-wide audience now for Senran Kagura. Had you been at all surprised by the rush and excitement in the western video gaming community that they in addition wanted this game? I feel like in the past such a title wouldn’t have been localized but now Senran Kagura helps to keep coming out here.

I’m incredibly, very surprised. We wasn’t expecting to achieve the western audience in any respect. So, with that in mind, I became just creating this game specifically for the Japanese audience who have a Japanese taste for what I’m trying to do. Nevertheless, maybe because it ended up being specific for that little community, that it basically did well over below too.

But at the same time, it truly is heavily emphasizing the sexual aspect of the girls in the gameplay, but the basic system is sound. The gameplay as well as story are definitely at this time there, so that as a base over the sexual aspect may be why it does well over here far too.


Yeah, definitely. I was simply playing the new game titles at the booth and having not played these individuals before I was not sure what to expect. But, it was very intensive in regards to the controls and systems and really fun. In Japan, is it difficult to reach bavarian motor works logo? If they see “cute girls” is that enough of a selling point? As well as do they come in wanting good, exciting gameplay too?

Yeah, it won’t work. It might sell a little bit like a 1 hit wonder but it’ll die out. It will be won’t make it in to a series. This derives from experience because it’s not only a new genre — it is often been around.

When I was a young child I used to buy these forms of games, but was always disappointed because there was no gameplay going without running shoes. It was just the aesthetics. So when I was producing this game I wanted to produce a good game and, on top of that, there was some sort of sexual aspect with it.

This is sort of tangentially related Perhaps, but: how do you experience Western gamers? Do you think that they are shutting them selves off to experiences this way because they see the visuals and feel like they shouldn’t be playing such type of game?

Not really meaning that I think that we get the same type of reviews in Japan. Not as much, but there are those fans which say they would buy it if it were within a different style. It’s just this type of style that we like and this type of gameplay that I desired to create and perform.

I don’t want to change as well as shift this because there’s naysayers. It’s not that we don’t listen to responses, but there is a main as to why I have the games this way and do not want to shift of which around.

Is the thanks of fanservice is different between culture? Is that changing because we’ve seen online games like Senran Kagura coming out a whole lot. Is Western lifestyle is becoming more open to these games?

Compared to before, I think it has been evolving but not on a huge scale or anything. I just think a modest amount of people are beginning to fully grasp more. Definitely I see a little bit of difference, even so think another some of it is the internet and what the web can provide. You can obtain an abundance of information and as such it’s just easier to talk about information around. That is changed it a bit.


So now that we have most of these games coming to consoles is there just about any intention to consider other platforms? Potentially isn’t even close to or Xbox One out of the future?

Probably, if it will well then the next one I would personally be really wondering to see about creating a game title on PC. The amount I could expand the world.

About PS4: What does the PS4 give when compared to the limitations of handhelds? Obviously there’s aesthetic differences, but perhaps there is anything else that you employ now that you have the extra electricity?

Of course there’s the uncomplicated aesthetics, like you mentioned. But there’s something a bit hard to explain — the particular “softness” of the girl. I’m not just only speaking about the boobs, needless to say that too. But the head of hair, the way their pores and skin is, and the way their particular clothes move form the “softness” that the girls have and it’s something that I became happy to be able to discover.

And of course gameplay-wise we were capable of making multiplayer for several players on the portable but now we can have ten players at once [on PS4]. That was a big hop for us. I want to retain trying and increasing stuff.

I’m curious about something touched upon previous. Why do you feel in which things have gone mobile phone in Japan versus consoles which had been front and center? Why isn’t industry changing rather the same way here?

This is totally my opinion, but I feel that it’s just that the Ough.S. gamer plays games because they “want to learn games.” Though the Japanese user’s state of mind is changing a bit. They are playing games because many free time, or you will find they need to do plus between they have a small “refresher.”

Because of that, it’s just simpler and handy in many ways to go with handhelds or cellular devices to fill in occasions. I think that’s why it really is moving toward more convenience of playing games.


In regards to Personal computer: Japanese companies happen to be mostly avoiding your computer in many ways until recently. At this point we’re seeing their particular console games coming out on Steam. Is the fact that because of Western visitors or is the PC in addition becoming a bigger podium in Japan?

I think it’s a little bit of both. The PC gaming herd in Japan is significantly less than what the Ough.S. has. Generally, when people think of PC games [in Japan] it’s more of the sexual, sexy game. It is additionally that the packaged video game sales have been taking place and so now far more digital games are generally coming out.

So, it’s just the PC being another product sales vehicle for publishers to go after. It truly is convenient and easy as well, just like how you enroll in Steam and just start playing right away. Not too long ago, I’ve been a Water vapor member and interested in learning all the sales how they always have.

What message would you like to give to people who have not necessarily played the Senran Kagura series? Why should they jump in today on either type [Senran Kagura 2/Senran Kagura Estival Versus]?

I do understand that this title has a lot of sexuality and it’s an anime model that might make some players take a step back in addition to say like “this is not my title,In . but- As a video game creator, I’m always looking to provide something that’s fun and exciting for the end users. Not just like the appearances of it, either.

If anybody who hasn’t played the item, even if they can simply just try it for three minutes, that might change his or her mind about it. Similar to “wow, this is actually a fun online game!” It could be the tale or the control, but merely give it a try. That’s all I can ask and if they do try it i quickly will be very grateful along with happy.