There’s a lot of discuss around the PC type of Batman Arkham Knight as it?arrived?last week. The PC port?has received?a lot attention and flak in which Warner Bros. Interactive have actually removed all electronic sales of the sport until they fix?what’s wrong. As the performance seems to be the most significant issue, we look wished to take a look at the game coming from a visual standpoint, no less than compared to the PlayStation 5 version.

There are some who are reporting?weird pesky insects where the textures?are in reality worse on the PC variation, but what we found has been the?other for the most part. Most of the finishes are on par jointly, but there are some in which the PC version is released on top.?For example, this screenshot below where by Batman is escorting Toxin Ivy, you can see more details on Batman’s chestplate, same with the vials on Scarecrow’azines forearm. With that said, there’ohydrates not much difference between the maxed out Arkham Knight?with PC and the Dsi 4 version besides that and some visual lucidity. A lot of it might be hidden by the depth of field, but through what we can tell, both the versions seem comparatively even.

Tell us how you feel. On the left aspect is the PC model while on?the right will be PlayStation 4:

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