During Square Enix’s E3 Click Conference, viewers had been treated to a game play trailer of Kingdom Hearts III (shocking, right?). Of course this new trailer didn’t have to much to offer aside from the reveal of the initially Disney-themed world, which is depending on Tangled,?and some new techniques for Sora. However before the gameplay gets started out, the first thing we were shown was a cut-scene clip that has been nothing short of vague.?Viewers and fans with the long running franchise were excited nonetheless, which is expected when it comes to any title of this specifications.


The opening of the trailers shows an eerily familiar scene that can surely ring a bell for almost any fans of ABC’s television series Lost. The landscape opens with two different people sitting across from another as they have a conversation that appears to obtain two meanings, one pertaining to events that will or have already unfolded the other symbolizing?a story involving the conflict between lighting and darkness. Both the players are mysterious, although one of them appears like a young?Xehanort and the additional might possibly be a young?Eraqus, broke to distinguish between the two ones other than the color of their clothing. One of them would wear White clothing, to symbolize light, and the additional wears Black outfits, to symbolize darkness, or maybe, in Lost terminology, The Man in White and The Man in Dark-colored.

The meaning of the game they’re playing, whether it is Chess or Senet, is ?that the other “players” in their real-life recreation are their pawns within the battle between gentle and darkness. Even more comparisons between the two might be likened to the tv series Lost; while playing the game, the Man throughout Black told Jake (the Man in White colored) that he couldn’t proceed sideways because it had been “against the rules.” Jacob then questioned your authority of the policies, as they were just a few debate between them. John was told that she would have to follow these people for now; one day this individual could make up his personal game, and then everyone would have to follow his / her rules (this can be found in Season 6, Occurrence 15 of the display). The same goes for the Kingdom Kisses III trailer, as the figure in black states, “Darkness shall prevail and light-weight will expire. The long run, it’s already been published,” to which the character with white replies, “Who’s to mention I can’t change it?”


Although, these are two separate operations, they share a lot of elemental and figurative story comparisons if this trailer home is to be believed.?With any luck , Kingdom Hearts III?won’t bring a conclusion as disappointing as that of?Lost, though we’lso are likely going to have to hold out quite a while to find that out.