Star Wars: The Drive Awakens is hitting theaters in just a several short months, and in anticipation for the movie, Disney is extracting all the stops in between new toy traces, TV shows and most importantly game titles. There have been a few games already in operates, but how far should it go? We are planning to set into an additional trilogy and with a trilogy happens new licenses all across the board, and so the question is, will participants get Star Wars low energy as company efforts to jump on the hindering imperial march of money wagons?

Let’s start off with what we do know for sure about the future of Gi joe games; Star Wars Battlefront will definitely be one of the biggest emits of the year, but will you choose any good? There’s a lot of hoopla surrounding it, but that is because it’s equally a Star Wars and a Star Wars Battlefront game. On the other hand, the dark side of the force is strong using this one, as not simply is the game to recently-disappointing DICE, but this big game looks bare. Right now there just doesn’t are a lot of content by yet; there’s a number of maps and disposable single player/co-op missions which have little to no variety, which is all that’s supplied.

They could have thrown in a galactic conquest or a small single gambler experience that could be appreciated with a friend, but instead DICE is relying upon multiplayer to carry the action. There’s going to be 40 players in a single go with, which sounds brilliant for an all out struggle, but the gimmick will certainly grow old and tedious without a vast variety of gameplay modes. Oh yeah, did we point out it’s from the similar guys who do Battlefield 4 and it’s published by Electronic Arts? Will not even get you started on the lack of place battles in a Star Competitions game, this as well as the limited map section has been major points of criticism since we have been slowly learning more about the game over the last couple of months. The game looks stunning, however, and DICE has done a lot of make an effort to capture the look in addition to feel of the The exorcist universe; only time will tell the way comes together.

Next up in the fishing line for our podracers is Visceral’s Gi joe game, which could basically bare minimum about, yet couldn’t be excited for. Perform know that the mystical game is in advancement and has Amy Hennig (Uncharted) can be attached to the project as director and likelihood of the game being equally awesome as Uncharted is just as likely simply because it being next in line for launch after Battlefront. Yet, although the general community understands nothing about it, it still generates boatloads regarding hype just because associated with who’s behind it. Visceral’s Untitled Star Wars Game is anticipated to craft an appealing story mixed with astonishing set pieces that we’re sure Hennig is spending so much time on. Let’s trust that we get something along the lines of the action/adventure of Unknown set in space; seeing that would be amazing.

Mobile phone . the fan favorite news: the secretive game being produced by BioWare, masters of the Role-play game. Their contribution to your Star Wars universe so far has been with the Republic collection. Unfortunately for lovers, BioWare is currently swamped with projects such as Bulk Effect: Andromeda and an Untitled IP, so we won’t become seeing another KOTOR installation or Mass Impact Star Wars in the mixture for awhile.?With all the games previously outlined, we have not even touched the tip of this Transformers iceburg. Electronic Arts is surely excited that they have landed your license to creating your onslaught of approaching Star Wars games, and can they take the time to still do it, or rush to function out game after game? There’s more than merely these Star Wars games in development with EA, meaning they have more than they can chew on their plates, and also considering they already have troubles chewing on Battle ground games, we don’t possibly want to imagine the difficulties they’re going to get with five additionally games in the functions.

Whatever the future holds intended for Star Wars games, there’s a lot to look forward to if you’re an fan (who isn’t?). But if we know one thing for sure, it’s that for few years until the brand-new trilogy and anthology has come to your close, we will be discovering many installments of most of these games.