Earlier this week, Ubisoft released the storyline trailer of the following chapter of the Assassins Creed franchise’s, giving fans a new glimpse into the things they should expect as we draw closer to Syndicate’s launch date, but has been the story trailer plenty of to make fans overlook the train wreck that has been Assassin’s Creed Unity?

They history trailer shows people the web that the Templars’ palm of corruption experienced weaved in criminal offenses in Industrial progressive London that protagonists Jacob and Evie Frye are motivated to take down. A clip opens with Crawford Starrick softly playing a relaxing track on the piano when what seems to be considered one of his henchmen comes unfolding into the parlor along with some important news. Starrick responds to this intrusion by picking up a pistol and shooting the guy point blank hollering that they directed the man not to disturb him along with suddenly the customer is on board leave a wild train drive. The Assassin’s Creed franchise provides always had a big cast of bad guys, but it seems these times Ubisoft has taken the time to round out their forged with more than just “these are Templars, Templars are evil, destroy them.”

This time around, Syndicate’ohydrates villains are all linked to one wonderful ridiculous villainous gangster known as Crawford Starrick whom runs the Syndicate organization of Templars that consist of seven henchmen. Each one of these henchmen are controlling the construction of London society. Most of these dastardly fat cats incorporate Rupert Ferris,”The Exploitative Industrialist,” Pearl Attaway,”The Money grubbing Tycoon,” Ruben Elliotson,”The Negligent Doctor,Inch David Brewster, “The Mad Scientist” along with Maxwell Roth, “The Trecherous Gangster and lawbreaker mastermind.” All of whom tend to be introduced in a heist-like fashion with the end goal being “freeing future generations from a city ruled by Templars.Inch The viewer will then be whisked away to a legendary montage of gameplay footage with a voice over of assorted characters building up the particular stakes of attempting to visit after Starrick and his Syndicate.


Syndicate’s story movie trailer is trying convey to the fanbase that Ubisoft is trying to take a new direction together with the franchise as well as trying desperately to long distance themselves from past year’s seriousness of Unity. This year it appears like they are aiming to art a game that is trying to offer players a Uncharted style of humor full of witty remarks to other characters plus a dry sense of humor during its action/adventure style fixed pieces. This is of course a welcomed addition to the series; a critical drama-filled story is intriguing, notable and all, but combining a bit of humor inside is never a bad idea, particularly if you’re aiming to make a steampunk blockbuster-esque story. It’s a rejuvenating take on their standard protagonist characters who will be typically on significant no-joking-around missions of revenge that get them finished with the Templar in the first place. The dialoge overall feels additional crisp and fleshed available and gives hope for some sort of well-written story that will take us on a lavish adventure with a couple interesting characters throughout the streets of London.

SummaryReview Date 2015-09-28Author Rating 3