If a theme has come forth in my 2016 gaming behavior so far, it has to be my own renewed love of operating dungeons in MMORPGs. Between Final Imagination XIV, Lord of the Rings Online, as well as World of Warcraft, I’ve been chowing down on old-fashioned small group written content — and enjoying the idea immensely. I’m not really doing it for the world famous loot but for the enjoyable of the run by itself.

I think there’s something neat about well-designed dungeons within these games. They say to a story, both narratively and throughout the environment. They give the chance to be on a workforce that pulls together to overcome an obstacle. And there are a handful of pretty creative aspects and set pieces to check out along the way.

What are your beloved dungeons in MMOs and exactly why? What makes for a really well-designed and enjoyable occasion that you don’t thoughts repeating?

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