Very few things get me as energized as the announcement of any new expansion for the favorite MMO. Expansions are generally thrilling events, stirring up publicity and community?interest, helping to attract both new and old players alike with their release.

A truly excellent expansion can even think that a game’s launch all over again, particularly if it can keep technical issues down while reinvigorating the game without ruining it. I’onal played mediocre expansions which played it as well safe, horrible expansions that will broke things that worked well, and wonderful expansions of which gave me great a cure for that MMO’s future.

Among my favorite releases?had been City of Villains, World of Wow: Wrath of the Lich King, as well as Lord of the Rings On-line: Riders of Rohan. I’n love to hear from you today about the best expansions, strategies, and stand-alone products you’onal experienced and what caused them to be so great!

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