There’s a dedicated subcommunity regarding video game music afficionados out there that love these types of soundtracks so much that they invest considerable effort to be able to producing all sorts of handle songs of their favourite tunes. In a strange way, you kind of know that your game’ohydrates soundtrack has made it if it requires fans to start making covers.

And believe it or not, this specific extends to MMO soundtracks also. I never thought to check to find out whether there were covers involving MMO tunes, generally because I thought that this niche was way too tiny to fast such interest. On the other hand was quickly confirmed wrong by how several I stumbled more than.

Today we’re going to have a survey of 6 fan cover music of popular MMO tunes. Do you know almost any others? Post hyperlinks to them in the reviews!

“Fear Not This Night” from Guild Wars 2 by Tiny V

I have always felt in which Fear Not This Night was much better as an important track (sorry, fans, but those words of the tune are a little dull). ?Little V attests me right with this particular “epic rock” version of the particular song. Make sure you hang in there until the rendition switches into overdrive at One particular:42!

“Newbie Beat (Tutorial Island)” by RuneScape by Paul Refvik

I was a sucker intended for really well-done acoustic addresses, and this one is spot-on terrific. RuneScape’s OST will be legendary in opportunity and variety, so it’s neat to see a fan share certainly one of his favorite paths.

Paul gives some historical past on his Facebook page: “[This is] the very first song you heard whenever you logged into RuneScape the first time. It is also the tune you heard when you decided to make a completely new deadly pure bank account, which happened countless times, admit it. This has to be one of my favourite and a lot nostalgic RuneScape songs, so I had to make my own, personal version of it. ”

“He Bombadil” from Lord of the Bands Online by Lonely Huge batch Band

Lonely Mountain Band has been doing some great Middle-earth albums through the years, and I’m certainly glad to see that they dipped into LOTRO to complete their own cover on this beloved melody. The option of instruments and the normal sounds elevate this particular perhaps over the initial, and that is saying something.

“Nightsong” from World of Warcraft through Michelle Heafy

One of the magic of many cover designers is how they do all of it. Michelle demostrates that with that stunning performance of the Cataclysm track, playing the piano, the drums, and singing all the roles. I’m certainly not super familiar with that track, but this cover certainly bumps up in my notice.

“Personalities (Knights of the Around Theme)” from Final Illusion XIV by Losstarot

Another fun element of cover songs is always that it’s up to just about every artist how he / she wants to reinterpret that melody — and in what genre. Here, Final Fantasy XIV becomes remade into a chiptune: some sort of simulated throwback to early days involving video game music. It’s quite interesting, especially if you’re also used to the completely orchestrated version.

“Moons of Evening hours Star” from Elder Scrolls Online by Serakirah

Another one-person-band attempt, this track brings forth the haunting, magical tune of Moons of Nighttime Star with a deft feel. Instead of going high in volume and brash, which is what you often get having cover tunes, Serakirah will keep it quiet, moving, and dreamlike for the entire duration. Definitely an excellent piece.