I have had three independent Final Fantasy XI accounts over time, and because of the way in which all those accounts work, it is remarkably easy to lose the particular login information. The result is that I have had to call Square-Enix customer support on multiple instances for exactly that. Every single time I’ve complied, the people on the other end are already helpful and professional and polite, and I’ve generally walked away from the expertise being very satisfied.

Heck, I did so just a few mins ago as I variety this, and after receiving all of my information the particular representative made sure I had been aware that console services had been discontinued and offered to help me move to PC if necessary. That was just plain polite.

We hear a lot with regards to customer service nightmares but not nearly enough regarding support that goes far beyond the call of work. I’ve had a few truly awful support experiences as well, however I’ve both noticed people go above and beyond in addition to heard stories from it from Guild Wars 2 for you to Star Trek Online. So let’s share the love, we could? What MMO provides offered you the finest customer service?

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