Play Final Fantasy XIVWe all know that this year’ohydrates Fanfest is going to include an announcement of a new Final Illusion XIV expansion. “Know” might be too much, admittedly (“expect” is more precise), but there’s every reason to expect it. That’s?why I’onal already done a bit of speculating about in which we’ll go and what we can expect in terms of completely new jobs.

But all of that might be pointless because nobody has ever promised us new jobs with every expansion. And even new areas. Besides, we had a Final Fantasy XI expansion that added only frustrations and zilch else if you couldn’capital t hack through an very difficult set of deal missions.

So for today’s column, I want to examine what we are likely to be in the next expansion, throughout loose order connected with likelihood and exactly why. It’s all well and good to produce predictions about By, Y, or Unces fitting into the sport, but you can come program a very convincing explanation for something that’s not likely to happen in the first place.

New areas: Pretty much certain

At least we got this one, that was welcome.There is how a great deal of Eorzea still out there that individuals haven’t seen? Where there are what other lands that we know of outside in the world which the ways to access not seen? Yep, new areas appear to be a given to me. It’ersus not definite until it’s announced, however without new places to go, I think it’s going to feel like a really constrained expansion; even most feature-poor expansions I can imagine feature a few fresh places.

It seems likely these kinds of new areas will feature flight, given that FFXIV has developed a system with regard to gating flight that I think still serves as a effective mechanism; the aether power allow flight for being gated and sectioned off of on a zone-by-zone basis. I wouldn’t be surprised once we have another attach type joining this chorus as well, however i also wouldn’t necessarily be shocked in case it’s just hurtling from here on out. Both could possibly work.

New jobs: Very likely

While I’mirielle generally not attached to using FFXI as a cause for future FFXIV development, in cases like this I think it’s suitable. The older sport had one expansion devoid of new jobs, and it also received a lot of complaint for… well, many things, nevertheless the lack of new employment was a big 1. I tend to imagine that the training was learned.

I’ng already discussed what I believe those new work opportunities will be, of course, therefore there’s not much additional to be said about the subject. There are vague clues that could be expanded in, but we didn’to get many hints about the Heavensward jobs prior to the expansion, either.

New employment for the base lessons: Pretty unlikely

As much as I enjoy the idea of the whole class/job split, I really don’t believe we’re going to discover more classes divided off from the same foundation. If anything, I think here is the expansion wherein courses are going to have something done to them; they’actu kind of outdated at this point. I’m not happy about that, but the paradigm for even more jobs has been set up now; I don’capital t see us retreating from where we are now, I see us continuing with in the same direction.

New content styles: Moderately likely

Heavensward has introduced one definitely “new” style of content around the PvE side with exploratory voyages, a brand new PvP mode, along with a new endgame setup for crafting and gathering. That’s just to this point; there are hints additional is coming. So the next expansion may be sensibly assumed to add other components into the gameplay on top of everything that’s previously there. I don’to expect it’s likely to work like FFXI‘ohydrates ongoing assault of new content types each and every expansion, but I’m reasonably sure we’ll see more brand-new stuff to do.

Heck, most of us already know that Several.3 will likely contain something very fresh. I’m willing to wait around partway through expansions to see what develops.

New mechanics: Really possible

I still wonder what's behind here.I’ve said regularly that players want more character customization alternatives and that classes are kind of a relic; I fully anticipate both of these aspects being addressed in the next development. (Merit Points!) Since Heavensward built on the movement established with FFXIV, it’azines reasonable to assume that will we’ll get new things built on what finances.

However, I think it’s also essential to note that these components are likely rather than certain. I would place better cash on getting new jobs than I would place on getting more customization selections. These things would fit in the expansion, but we all haven’t heard much in the way of rumblings about them but.

New races: Unlikely

The Au Ra ended up seeded a long time before we actually have got to play them; it turned out an established fact that they are there thanks to Yugiri. We haven’testosterone levels had anything like that in 3.a yet, and we’regarding already further combined in the story. Today, there’s just absolutely no hint of any fresh races existing within enough quantities to create another playable battle plausible.

There’s also the fact that we know of two other been vocal races, neither of which are likely to be playable in the future if ever. While I don’t want to say we won’t get any more races, I don’t think new races are usually high on the priority checklist.

New classes: Probably not

I could quite easily tell an account where new platform classes in FFXIV lead to the new jobs and subsequently expansion has an exploding market of jobs depending on alternate routes for base classes. It’azines not difficult. But I don’to think any of that is certainly likely; I think it is quite expressly unlikely. We can only think of when we might serve them with ourselves pacing out the hallways of the Musketeer’s guild, although it’s likely to not be soon.

Just as an absent, though, I’d love to be wrong.

Paradigm shift: Doubtful

I create no secret about the fact i always like FFXIV quite a bit, and the reality is that the next expansion is more probably than not going to be a lot of the same. If there are any kind of major content adjustments being made in Some.0 and past, I honestly count on that they’ll get off the current structure involving savage rewards, but also that seems quite speculative from where I’meters sitting right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if this does happen, I actually wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t.

My point here’s that while there are lots of options for what you like doing within the endgame right now, if you’regarding hoping for some fundamental shift in the way the game deals with endgame activities, you are likely to end up being disappointed. At most, completely new types of activities will certainly lead to different things. The big sea change where everything is instantly different and the entire endgame structure revolves around dance quarrels in the open world could come about, but it’s not necessarily where I’d set my money.

Feedback, of course, is welcome inside the comments down below or even via mail to [email protected] Next week, feelings from PAX East, determined by what I see generally there. It might be a lot; it is just a little. Who knows?