A few podcasts ago, I lamented that time in Black Desert would probably end up being brief, at least for now, due to the fact my guildies weren’t participating in. While we’re a pretty loose circle connected with MMO veterans these days and the guild doesn’t specifically dictate my play, my guildies’ showing up a masse?can often be this deciding factor whether or not I stick around (or even buy a game from the start). And if they show actually zero interest in a game, my personal interest tanks, particularly when they are playing something different entirely. That’s just what exactly caused a big Diablo III spring up for us at the beginning of the summer season, and it’s part of what’s propelling the interest in Guild Wars 2 once again now. It’s not really that I never play MMOs on your own, but damn, snagging fun time with friends is actually rare enough any time it presents itself, I’m guessing!

How about you guys? Does indeed your?guild, friends, or even families?govern which usually MMORPGs you play?

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