Non-combat pets are one of those stuff that lots of MMOs have hanging around in their own ways. They’regarding little vanity returns that allow you to show off many of your accomplishments and look cool, so that’azines nice. But all the games handles them a bit differently, and I think it’azines indisputable that many games just do the position better than others.

Final Imagination XIV, for example, doesn’t only need an entire strategy video game played with your vanity pets; it also incorporates a variety of options for avid gamers to interact with people pets. The Coeurl Kitten bats at what ever you’re fighting in addition to hisses if someone has a pet dog minion. Several pets will ride on your shoulder. Moogle pets will start moving with one another. There’s lots of attention to detail, understanding that keeps my interest.

I also respect World connected with Warcraft‘s account-wide pets, complete with a minigame and some customization as well as interactive toys. However what about you, cherished readers? What Mmorpg has your favorite non-combat domestic pets?

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