We’re sure you’re also all still viewing Overwatch’s #tracergate with keen expectation, so you’ll possibly be pleased to know that Blizzard changed Tracer’s infamous “buttocks pose” with the latest area.

Tracer's original butt pose

Original pose

Player complaints over the unique pose of the cool kid sister persona were addressed a week ago by Game Manager Jeff Kaplan, who mentioned his team wasn’testosterone levels comfortable the butt present either and can be changing it, which often of course sent the most common suspects into a frothing fight over “artists’ rights,” through which they mean artists’ obligations in order to render all?your butts. ALL the butts.

Well, the butt pose folks are going to be?happy with regards to?the (side-butt?)?replacement cause that is apparently Blizzard’ersus solution, which is?simply derived from pin-up art, most likely a piece by Alberto Vargas, as Twitter user @christianmccrea mentioned.

What would you folks think — is an improvement for the character’s personality, or?would it be just more awkward compared to the original? Just keep it clean down in the comments, guys.

Supply: Kotaku, Twitter