I have ranted at length about precisely how much I hate the concept of MMORPG endgame. We don’t like the way it shapes eternal games into being things that have ends, the way it creates literal along with figurative power disparities and also forces developers in spending effort with content and player types that aren’t necessarily ideal for the particular game’s longevity.

But some individuals dislike endgame for far more specific reasons. Sometimes it’s an abnormal emphasis on raid-or-die. Sometimes it’utes stock PvP battlegrounds. Occasionally it’s economic rising prices or the sudden uselessness associated with crafting. It could be a quick lack of quest written content or leveling intuition. Maybe it’s actually something I tend to adore, like alternate advancement. Or maybe it’s simply just knowing that everything you perform in this endgame will be for nothing come the next level push or expansion.

You figure out — what is the single most detrimental element of MMORPG endgame?

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