Play SWTOR for freeHello BioWare,

It’s me again, your typical Star Wars: The Old Republic admirer. You remember after i complained about Chapter Ten of Knights of the Slipped Empire not being entertaining plenty of for the average Mmorpg player? Yes, nicely, I’m back again, and i also just spent the particular weekend playing through the latest bit of content on the Public Test out Server: the Endless Championship. And I’m possessing mixed emotions about it; I’m not sure how to experience. I want to say that you will be on the right track because I experience a few things that are generally spot on, and I do not believe that you could have done all of them better. But then I actually look at other parts in the Championship and feel that maybe it could happen to be improved on.

I don’t wish to be that person who?complains in relation to everything unless it fits into his?little bubble of efficiency. I believe that my type of perfection is certainly not the same as everyone else. Even so, I would like to take a fair approach to some of the items which could take the Timeless Championship from helpful to great. A couple of these would be time consuming to make, and it’s clearly in its final stages to implement them if you are launching the Title in a month. On the other hand, you might be able to decrease these ideas to the content later.

So with out further ado, here are our three changes that we believe you should increase the Eternal Championship.


Gear stats

Let’azines start with this twine on Reddit. Now, don’t get me wrong; the only location more full of claims about SWTOR than Reddit is the official message boards, and no one would like to comb through that wreck. However, one carefully thread specifically asks a question I asked myself: Which are the gear falls for?

I understand the problem. You can not have the Eternal Tournament drop top raid-level gear, or the few raiders that you have left will protest that you’re?finish negating anything that raids are offering. Although I would argue that would not be the case?in the event that some of my some other suggestions were put in place, I’ll confess the point in the present situation. But the current gear drops are not useful to the player who can really defeat the boss that they drop from.

Many avid gamers will complain with regards to the difficulty of the Championship bosses. To those players I ask, “Don’t you find it about time there was something challenging in the game?” On the other hand, I will point out that this 204 blues that decline from most of the winners will be completely ineffective to anyone who is difficulty beating this bosses in the first place, plus there is little to no chance those same players can complete any of the weeklies to get the Championship Trophies. If they’re lucky, they will be able to find two trophies from the Lanos weekly quest, yet forget about their getting past Nocturno and Drake Raven.

(With a completely unrelated be aware, I love the Batman and Robin reference in Nocturno and Drake Raven. Raven even drops a utility strip. Good one, BioWare.)

hsb-mop-2016-eternal-champion-01Achievements and leaderboards

I really do not really have an issue while using achievements in the Eternal Championship. They are sensible, and they flow effectively with the Eternal Championship itself. But I ponder whether there shouldn’t be much more.

Disregarding any achievements that could be hidden — although the factors don’t suggest that you’ll find hidden achievements — I can see there are the basic accomplishments for killing each one of the bosses, then there are accomplishments for killing all of the bosses on every single class, and then there two extreme achievements: getting rid of all the bosses in less than 15 minutes and eradicating all the bosses with out dying. And I love all of them. There is a crystal clear progression for each. These people build off each other.

However, I’ve seen some people on test center which already had all the achievements. I’m sure that is certainly an edge case, nevertheless 52% of the achievements are usually gained just by doing the Championship once. I believe you can make a few achievements that are doable, but not done very easily. For instance, I’d like to discover an achievement regarding killing all the managers without a companion. Or if you can make an success for clearing this in a non-DPS class. This is the silly one: the achievement for perishing to every boss or even your companion dying in every fight when?you win anyway.

Taking the achievements a stride further, I think in addition, you need to add a leaderboard. You can base it about the fastest time for every Advanced Class along with overall fastest. You can also break that down into your speed for each combat. I’d love to note that, and I think that Bartle’s Killer-type participant would love to see that, far too.


Hard modes

I think you know that one was coming. We honestly don’t know the reasons you haven’t mentioned these yet. So I’m going to say it for you: This Eternal Championship requirements hard modes. As I said, we already have players that have blown through the written content. I understand that this is significantly less than 5% of the total population, but the reality is that this 5% is very vocal. If you have people who are already saying that it’s easy and that no one should subscribe to it, then that ultimately hurts in general more than just the 5%.

Although I’m sure that I would never be in the position to beat it, I have to see hard methods that are on the blood loss edge of the DPS ethnic background. Of course, you might have to adjust the mechanics a little for each fight, however they should be extremely tough — therefore tough that it is frustrating for even the top 5%.

The rewards should not be raid gear, possibly. In fact, I don’t think that stat gear need to be the reward at all. Nevertheless titles, pets, non-stat items, and mounts medicine rewards. If you’re nonetheless looking for a way to maintain the Arbiter’s saber cool as well as rare, this could be the outlet.

I’ve said my piece, and I thank you for your listening. I do including the Eternal Championship, in case it’s left the way is, I will that would be that a couple of weeks after the item releases. I look forward for you to seeing yours thought processes. And I also would like to discover what other players take into account the Eternal Championship.

May the particular Force be with you actually,