We’ve gotten a great deal of good character makers in recent years. Sure, you will discover things I might not including about Black Desert‘s personality options, but we’ng come a hell of a long way from the periods of having two sliders and a color variety (Phantasy Star Online) or 8-10 hairstyles and two colour options (Final Fantasy XI). At this stage, you have plenty of alternatives to make the sort of figure you want. I appreciate that. We also have lots of options to make sure that you reach wear more or less what you look for, or at least you get to choose in between several costuming options.

Still, nevertheless, there are areas by which I don’t obtain a lot of control over our character. Emotes, for example, nevertheless tend to be standardized, as do combat animations. At this time there aren’t many activities that allow my characters to have piercings or tattoo designs, too. We’ve received lots of options for making character types, but that just makes all the constraints we do currently have feel more all pervading. So what about you, dear reader? Where do you need MMOs to offer more character customization options?

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