So here’s an odd dilemma that I wrestle with each and every now and then. I am a big fan of established, long-running MMOs with regards to stability, breadth connected with content, and years’ worth of refinement. Yet I’meters also intimidated by them because when almost any game’s been available for many years, it does have accumulated a great number of additional systems, quantities, and complexities which it makes me feel horribly behind plus over my go if I attempt to participate in.

I don’t mind investing in the time to learn the revolutionary systems or the hard work to level, yet there comes the tipping point wherever it’s just too a lot and I retreat to be able to more familiar stomping argument. For example, I used to participate in a lot of Dungeons and Dragons Online back in the day — and beloved it, too. Nevertheless every time I think in relation to going back, I glance at the complicated mess of recent features that veterans have mastered but make me cross-eyed. For this almost reason, I wish more and more studios would make certain to revise in addition to streamline these Jenga-tower enhancements?every few years.

What you think? Can older MMOs end up being too intimidating, confusing, or unwieldy to learn, especially for a newbie? What is done about this?

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