I can’t say I am particularly heroic inside MMOs when I’m slaughtering Ten rats, in the case of Lord of the Rings Online, adorable shrews as their only crime seemed to be peppering the Shire with minor shrew holes. So does?the reverse hold true? Do you feel like a hero connected with legend when I’l stabbing a 40-foot tall Yeti inside the foot with our pig-sticker?

Oddly enough, no. Just because a style is big and has a few thousand extra hit points does not make it more impressive to me. If that mob could swat me into the area of a mountain with all the flick of its hands, one-shot me, or perform other powerful steps to back up it is size, perhaps I would treat it with a higher dose of respect and feel far more accomplished when I produced it down.

Do you are feeling more epic when you fight big mobs in MMOs? Does — and pardon the fatigued expression — size make a difference or is it just an uncomplicated shorthand for developers to make instead of putting in other elements to get us for you to fear an enemy?

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