Massively OP reader Guhracie emailed us a few weeks previously, upset about Guild Wars 2’s popular Super Venture Box. SAB was technically temporary content of which arrived in time for May Fools’ Day 2013 as well as resurfaced once later that will fall, not to be viewed again, leaving folks like Guhracie — who’d obtained the SAB-specific infinite existence token from the cash shop — to for a long time clog their inventory with a useless object for a temporary celebration that may never come back.

I loved SAB, the first variation, anyway (the second has been overscaled to discourage farming, which irritated a lot of folks and likely kept involvement low). In fact, Massively-that-was named SAB the best content update of 2013. It had been good. I’d want to see it return, nevertheless I know ArenaNet is active working on other articles.

Have you ever felt attached over by temporary content in an MMO? What temporary Mmorpg content do you wish would return?

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