There are a lot of very well-established crop up cultural ideas that will haven’t seen much adaptation into the MMO space; we’ve never had a real western Mmorpg, for example, and there are very few that turn out to be “cyberpunk” in any serious trend. But it occurred to me that there’s an obvious location ripe for pursuit that we’ve viewed nothing but snippets associated with in various games – likely underwater completely, to a world of strange beach life.

A few video games have gone underwater in short stretches, like in World of Warcraft‘s oft-reviled Vashj’ir, nevertheless we haven’t seen a full game established there. The interesting thing is, there’azines so much to be carried out with it – players might be exploring Earth’s oceanic masses or those of the alien world, coping not only with unsafe life but the pure struggle to survive inside a space inhospitable to be able to air-breathing races. There are so many directions to go with it, coming from building underwater habitats to surviving dangerous conditions to straightforward exploration.

Of course, the lack of a whole lot of pop culture press to use as a basis doesn’t help matters, however think there’s living space for the idea to drift on. What about an individual, dear reader? Can you play an under water MMO?

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