Cosmetics, costumes, transmogrification, appearance case — whatever you want to call these individuals, cosmetic systems are a big deal in MMORPGs in 2016. While you could get aside without one in ’06, that just isn’t so anymore: MMO gamers do not want to look like mismatched hobos using piecemeal armor just for statistics, and that’s what exactly themeparks made them do.

Star Wars Galaxies didn’t have the very first such system by far, but I remember the post-NGE a-tab more popularly — and I remember the time the patch journeyed in and tailors and also smiths across the servers scrambled to produce invisible clothes as well as armor!?I have good memories of Lord in the Rings Online’s?early process as well, not so much for your mechanics as for the pure quality of the wearables, from rucksacks and cooking griddles to gowns in addition to mighty fine a terrific way to.

But there are plenty of other great systems, some of them built-in straight from the beginning. Which Mmo has the very best makeup system and exactly why?

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