Every Saturday morning in WRUP, we all ask you what Mmog you’re playing. What we should don’t ask is what games you aren’t actively playing in WRUP. That would help to make no sense!

Still, I believe you can get a better feel for a gamer from the stuff she keeps installed on her system even when she’s actively playing the new hotness, so that’s what we’re discussing today, darnit.

What’s your favorite MMO that you’lso are not playing positively right now? What do you retain sitting around on your disk drive out of fondness, figuring out you’ll come back to that eventually? And the reason, exactly, aren’t an individual playing something you actually do love?

Every morning, the actual Massively Overpowered authors team up with mascot Mo to ask Mmog players pointed?queries about the massively multi-player online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred drinks and take a stab at answering the issue posed in today’s Daily Grind!