Play SMITE for freeLast time I talked about roleplaying notwithstanding game mechanics, I didn’t really get a good deal of comments. I not really know whether this was because those weren’t interested otherwise you guys were consequently excited by what I had to say that you ran off to your video game and did it yourself. I’m going to delude myself as well as believe that it was rogues!

Star Wars: The Old Republic?it’s still my focus that round, but it’s not the only themepark game where you can accomplish some of these ideas. And although my ideas perform best for me, they don’t actually work best for you in your game or even along with you and your roleplay group.

Today, I am going to continue to illustrate tips on how to tell an interesting narrative with your characters in spite of game mechanics. However this time instead of providing you an abstract notion and concept of the matter, I will dive into your nitty gritty of how I managed situations that came about in the roleplay scene We talked about a couple of weeks previously. And to make items better, I have fairly pictures to paint a perception of what I did.


What I planned

In my last access I posted for the roleplay event involving Depend Vastane and Moff Rook, Skytroopers had invaded the stronghold and ended up attempting to kill the persons in my guild who were gift for the meeting. Keep in mind that the goal was to slowly move the primary venue from your stronghold to the guild ship, so there was no way that your guild would be able to win; there just had to be a way for all?to escape. And?is the sadistic GM i’m, I was not going to make simple to use.

There were two solutions to actually escape the structure from an in-character mindset. We could escape through the turbolift of the building, or even we could call some sort of shuttle to the out of doors platform and have it lift us away from. With the stronghold security affected, as Count Vastane defined in my setup, the only logical solution would have been to escape via the system, but we had to make certain it was clear regarding landing. At the same time, we needed to bottleneck the Skytroopers inside the stairwells so that other people could make their break free.

For those keeping rating at home, that makes about three battlefronts to track at one time. After all this, I should mention that it’s wise to plan your functions based on the size of ones guild. I knew which i would have approximately Fifteen people in attendance. Along with three fronts, I’d personally have about 5 people per the front. Because we were not really using traditional sport mechanics, there was no way I would be able to keep track of all of the fighting alone. That meant that would wish assistant GMs, ideally a single per group. Then again that would also suggest that I would need several people who could be in charge in-character, too.

When possible, I would not like the GM along with the IC (in-character) leader to be the same player. Well, i took my personality out of the mix simply by sending him to the security room to help lock down the guild microfilm; OOC, I ran the gang on the platform because that group might control the pacing on the event. Thankfully, I needed two other people who would certainly GM holding back again the Skytroopers in the stairwells as well as two Ed leaders to make the command decisions that might have to do place in those stairs.

hsb-mop-2016-pacing-02Storytelling mechanics

Anyone that knows me or has watched my personal livestreams will recognize that I spend time the the fight mechanics of SWTOR. But I also understand that all those mechanics are not properly designed to communicate the individuality of the characters committing the act as well as adding personality on the scene in general.

Now, I understand I’m going to get responses about my suggesting emote combat over battle with game movement. And for this particular circumstances, I am, but I don’t always. It’s situational. Your pacing and location of the event plays a large position in how a Game master should handle combat.

That said, I located a mechanic in this scenario to help prevent everybody from hitting the I-win option: dice rolls. Being a guild, we created a good augmented d20 system that allows players to easily jump into a combat circumstances without much prep. If you need to read about that system, I would love to discuss it in one more article. However, it is more important to know that this roll system is built on being able to express what your figure is doing, feeling, or perhaps saying versus how soon he’s slashing his lightsaber.

When you’re roleplaying a scenario in which much of the action is definitely emoted, it’s not always necessary to have actual NPCs with combat situations, however it’s helpful. And since this kind of scene took place inside our guild stronghold, we could place straight down personnel decorations to be able to represent the Skytroopers plus the other Zakuulan invaders.


What really happened

I wish I could say that almost everything ran as easily as I expected, there were no hiccups and everyone had an amazing time period.?It wasn’t faultless;?there were some frustrations – the chief issue being pacing.

Bare in mind, we had all 5 players in each party who needed to emote for any attacking round. Because GMs, we had to emote as many as 12 NPCs at a time. Some of that was circumvented by having multiple NPCs carry out the same thing, but for the most part it served the story better to emote for as many as I could as a result of different functions of those NPCs.

Because the pacing was crucial, I knew that people would want to RP after the function as a kind of debriefing and detox, and?I couldn’t have the fighting portion last forever. Therefore i did things like slow up the number of hitpoints on the NPCs immediately, allowing AoEs for the combat itself, or providing extra points for creativity. But I assume most important thing I did ended up being plan for Hail Jane scenarios. In this particular situation, it took the working platform group so long to pay off it, so I played the card of enabling the incoming shuttle service destroy airborne delivers once we hit the particular two-hour mark. This transferred the scenario alongside without turning your situation into something absolutely implausible.

I could literally produce forever about how I like to handle roleplay scenes similar to this, but ultimately, I wish for you to get something out of it. Let me know what you considered in the comments, or if you have any questions you’d like to pose, please tell me here or about Twitter. I will see you next week!