As much as I’ve also been enjoying my time throughout Final Fantasy XI and seeing issues that was previously inaccessible, among the big things I’ve realized is that leveling in the game never experienced satisfying. It never thought like that was anything I was happy with, one fewer barrier in between me and what I wanted to do. By contrast, reaching level 50 in Ninja in Final Fantasy XIV believed satisfying; I had managed to do so in less than 4 days, and it resulted in I was where I’d wanted to be in roleplaying phrases for years.

Still, that wasn’t the most satisfying level I’ve ever had. Plainly was really pressed for this, I think the most gratifying level up I ever had was in Star Trek Online, of all of the things in the world. Smacking Admiral rank and being able to travel one of my favorite courses of ship (the particular Prometheus-class) just felt super enjoyable.

But this isn’t with regards to my most satisfying amounts, it’s about yours. What’utes the most satisfying gain levels you’ve ever informed about an MMO? Exactly what threshold really felt like a big motorola milestone phone when you crossed that, even if you knew that wasn’t that big of a deal objectively?

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