Welcome to Update-o-rama, the only rama in which basks in the glow of hearty MMORPG changes! Bree and Justin would be the tour guides through an remarkable week of game content patches?and launches. Also, there’s a call for Massively OP community cooking manual recipes.

We might have gotten a little off-topic in this demonstrate.

It’s the Massively Website author Podcast, an action-packed hour involving news, tales, thoughts, and gamer emails! And remember, if you’d like to post your own letter towards the show, use the “Tips”?switch in the top-right corner on the site to do so.

Show paperwork:

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 02:38 – Escapades in MMOs: Lord of the Engagement rings Online, Guild Wars A couple of, World of Warcraft
  • 09:18 – News: Legion launch date announced
  • 13:25 – News: Ascent: The Space Game technically launches
  • 17:44 – News: Guild Battles 2 teases April update
  • 20:44 – Information: Star Trek Online season 11.5
  • 24:02 – News: RIFT Three or more.6: Celebration of the Ascended
  • 28:15 – News: LOTRO brings forth the Battle of Pelennor Fields
  • 32:20 – News: Funcom quickies
  • 33:July – Mailbag: The Secret World suggestions
  • 40:23 – Mailbag: The particular WoW Killer!
  • 47:47 – Outro

Other details:

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  • Podcast theme: “The particular Pelennor” from Lord of the Bands Online
  • Your show hosts: Bree?as well as Justin
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