When the world of private and also illegal emulators comes crashing down upon the heads of thousands of gamers, how will many people ever express his or her anguish? Bree and Bieber sift through the emotional wreckage of the Nostalrius shutdown during this week’s present, tackling once again the topic of emulators and their place in addition to purpose in the Mmorpg industry.

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Show notes:

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 02:06 – Adventures in MMOs: Guild Competitions 2, The Secret World, Arena of Warcraft
  • 11:20 – News: Blizzard fractures down on popular private An entire world of Warcraft server
  • 24:43 – News: En Masse hit simply by layoffs
  • 27:05 – News: Black Desert is doing rather effectively so far
  • 30:41 – Reports: Chapter 13 for SWTOR is originating in early May
  • 34:54 – Information: DDO still struggles with tech woes
  • 41:47 – Mailbag: Retaining Kickstarter people happy
  • 48:08 – Mailbag: Tabula Rasa leftovers
  • 55:02 – Outro

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